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Loxea Lease

Our long-term rental service enables companies to outsource the financing and management of their vehicle fleet.

Companies who opt for long-term rental benefit from a fleet of new vehicles, serviced in line with the manufacturer’s standards, covered by fully comprehensive insurance, and rented for the period and mileage they need.

They can also subscribe to additional services to optimize vehicle use and keep their staff fully mobile, day after day.

With long-term rental, simplify your vehicle fleet management with tangible financial benefits and services tailored to your staff’s requirements, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Select vehicles and services to match your requirements and usage (duration and mileage) and pay a monthly charge that is set in advance but can evolve as your needs change.

This will help you keep your budget and costs under control, with several years’ visibility, and help you maintain your investment capacity for projects relevant to your core business.

Outsource your fleet and delegate its management and all the ensuing constraints to an expert whose job is to keep your staff on the move.

Offer your staff a wide choice of new vehicles, distributed and serviced in the CFAO network and renewed when the time is right, to keep them motivated, safe and productive, while enhancing your company’s image at the same time.

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Loxea Rent

Car rental is a simple and flexible solution, with or without a driver, and with a variable mileage and duration to respond to your mobility requirements such as:

  • - Projects based on a specific duration
  • - Welcoming new employees
  • - Or a one-off activity requiring one or several vehicle(s).

Benefit from a simple solution adapted to your needs, with variable mileage and duration, a wide range of brands and models, including sedan, SUVs, 4x4, light commercial trucks or minibuses, responding to your professional or private needs for transportation

Whatever your area of business, Loxea Connect helps you make the right decisions about your vehicle fleet and mobility requirements.

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Loxea Connect

Loxea Connect: innovating for better vehicle fleet management

Loxea Connect is a pioneering fleet management solution using a single platform to help you optimize the safety, cost, productivity, and carbon footprint of your vehicle fleet. It also includes access to new mobility services such as car sharing and car pooling.

Your vehicles are connected to our platform in real time, offering all the features you need now and in the future:

  • - Tracking
  • - Ecodriving
  • - Fleet Analytics
  • - Fuel Analytics
  • - Assignment Management
  • - Car sharing
  • - Car pooling

And plenty more smart, intuitive tools to enhance your performance

Whatever your area of business, Loxea Connect helps you make the right decisions about your vehicle fleet and mobility requirements.

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